Australian Farmers are awesome

Our research on Australian farmers has uncovered some quite amazing facts

  • Our farmers feed 60 million people
  • Australian farmers look after more than 60% of the Australian landscape
  • Less than 6% of Australia is suitable for growing crops.
  • Australian livestock are mainly reared on extensive rangelands and semi-arid areas with cattle and sheep farming being the most efficient use of this land for producing highly nutritious protein.

  • This production system makes Australia one of the most efficient producers of livestock in the world, feeding our own population and the growing global population.
  • 93% of the food we consume is produced by Australian farmers.

How impressive is that?

We found some great videos that share this story

We love this animation too


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Throwing a steak on the barbie

As part of our Archibull Prize journey our school is given

  • a blank, life-sized fibreglass cow for us to create an artwork on or to use as the subject of an artwork which focuses on the following theme:-

“What does it take to sustainably feed and clothe your community for a day?”

You can see the stats to feed Sydney here

Blank Cow

Our cow will look like this one 

  • a food or fibre industry to explore and showcase. In 2013 this will be Beef or Dairy or Wool or Cotton.
  • A  Young Farming Champion who comes into the school and shares their farming journey with us.

We are excited to find we will be studying the Australian beef industry this year. We will be looking at some of the 100 projects that the Australian cattle industry and its farmers are doing to make the meat supply chain as efficient and environmentally friendly as they can.

The 100 initiatives, both big and small, tackle the issues of biodiversity, water management, reducing emissions and promoting soil health to ensure we continue to lead the way in sustainably producing some of the world’s best red meat.


We haven’t found out yet who our Young Farming Champion is

Will it be??????

 Stephanie Fowler

Bronwyn Roberts

Kylie Stretton

As you can see they all know lots about the beef industry from paddock to plate

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Archie is back

Cranebrook High School welcomes the opportunity to participate in the 2013 Archibull Prize

After a very successful Archibull Prize for Cranebrook High School in 2012 our teachers and students are very excited to be involved again in 2013. Not only did our Cotton industry themed Archie ‘Ginny’ win an artwork Award of Excellence she was selected by Sarah McGrath for exhibition at her McLemoi Gallery in Chippendale


Ginny was then selected by the RAS of NSW as part of the Food Farm exhibition at the 2013 Sydney Royal Easter Show

Archies in the Food Farm

Artwork judge Wendy Taylor said

“Ginny” is a cow you want to touch.
She is vibrant and draws the viewer in. Once close, you realise she is amazingly tactile with a very interesting finish.
Ginny asks a lot of questions of the viewer and is a mass of contradictions. She is modern, industrial and abstract in style, and yet has many old-fashioned and antique elements.
She shows old cotton industry practices in the images, but also new cotton industry products which are familiar to us all. You expect these modern products to be soft and tactile and yet they are stiff and solid.
The historical images on her sides are subtle and quite monotone in palette and yet Ginny vibrates with colour and stands out across a room. She tells an interesting story about the cotton industry but has almost no words on her sides

In 2012 we studies the cotton industry and our PowerPoint on cotton received an award of excellence. You can see it here

Cranebrook High School

This year we are studying the beef industry and we look forward to sharing our 2013 journey with you

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